On the menu next week…

The challenge: Try one new thing inspired by Twitter CPD every day for a week.

The aim: To reflect on key aspects of my teaching methods and draw some firm conclusions into aims for the Spring term.

The perks: Learning some funky new stuff and share it by blogging and tweating.

Monday: Using a ‘learning continuum’ as an objective – used as the development part of the lesson

Tuesday: Using a picture as a starter / objective and simply asking ‘any questions.’ Aiming for the students to determine the direction of the lesson.

Wednesday: Using 5 sentence dictation as a way of introducing lesson objective

Thursday: Using a QR code as a starter activity (VERY excited about this one!)

Friday: Using Woordle and Wikki as a tool for improving persuasive writing

Saturday (Oh yes, I said Saturday!): Using Woordle to set the objective and initiate independent thought. I know, I know…Woordle is also on Friday but I’m using it differently and hey, give me a break, it’s Saturday!

In addition, I will be setting Year 11 extended home learning projects as a way of revising ‘Of Mice and Men’, adapting ideas from the brilliant Learning Spy’s homelearning project.


Will report back on this one in two weeks when they’ve finished!

Finally though, I have to say a massive THANK YOU to all my new Tweacher friends for a fabulously inspiring half term holiday.  Despite succumbing to the inevitable holiday lurgi, I have revelled in renewed enthusiasm for planning and reflecting on my teaching practice. The things here are only little but they’ve reminded me how much fun it can be to shake things up. I am in my element. Happy new half term one and all!



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