Effervescence and Evaluation

Notes on New Things – Colourful ideas.

1. Setting project based revision on ‘Of Mice and Men.’

Note to self. When introducing new project based homework to Year 11, do it at the end of the lesson so you can get something done first. What a reaction! They were so genuinely excited. If their outcomes are even half as good as their initial enthusiasm I’m in for a treat. However, the buzz was helpful eventually and they settled down to some excellent close analysis work in the end. I have to give another shout out of thanks to @leanring spy for these tasks which were originally part of his brilliant blog – http://mrdidau.edublogs.org/2011/10/14/amazing-of-mice-and-men-homelearning/.

I have also asked the students to present their work to the class on hand in day so that we can all benefit from their revision and I will also mark their presentations as a speaking and listening task. Fingers crossed they don’t run out of momentum.

OMM Challenges

2. Learning Continuum

Students arrived to a quote from Act Three of ‘An Inspector Calls’ on the board, along with the question ‘is this the most significant moment in the play? In true top set form, they set about a brilliant discussion. The problem with this group though is the considerable gap between their verbal expression and their analytical writing. Therefore, the development part of the lesson used the learning continuum idea as a lesson objective. Using a piece of marked work, they had to decide where they would place themselves on the sliding scale. We then discussed how each example was better than the last. Students then made a poster of the most important quotes from the end of the play. Each pair was then responsible for writing an analytical point based around a chosen quote in answer to the question about Priestley’s message on a sheet of A4 coloured card. These cards were then places around the room (an essay pavement) and students circulated around the cards, improving them as they went. The lesson ended with a reading of our class ‘essay’.

act three analysis

This was a much drier lesson than I’d hoped and it certainly wouldn’t set the world on fire. However, it did evidence learning very effectively. By the end of the lesson all students were writing with greater analytical confidence and the majority said they thought they had moved up the scale within the time. So overall, not enthusing but effective. Would be a handy tool for an interview lesson with a more quantitative objective to prove progress.



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