Adventures in Slow Writing


Slow Writing is a fabulous resource developed by @David_Triptico ( and some talented helpers like the awesome @learningspy and @KristianStill Not only is this resource an enormous help to me and to my pupils, it is also responsible for securing my collaboration with teachers at the other end of the country, (which has made me a better, more reflective teacher) and students’ responses to it have forced me develop more creative uses for it. Here’s a little bit about what I did….

This is my presentation on Slow Writing at Teachmeet Twist last week. Before you watch it, you should know one important thing…they throw a large stuffed camel at your head if you run over your time! Talk about pressure. So that explains my occasional dromedary related outbursts!


The technology at the awesome @NightZooKeeper’s offices was very sexy (all split screens and everything) which all worked perfectly until the link went down for a moment but hopefully I recovered ok. I hope some of you find it useful. There was a great buzz about the evening and I can’t thank the Zoo Keepers and @jodieworld enough for an inspirational few hours.

The Prezi that I was using can be found here:

Next week I am very excited to be attending the Pedagoo XmasParty in Newcastle where the legendary @kennypieper and I will be presenting jointly about this subject in our enigmatically titled presentation, ‘You know, we’ve never actually met.’ This means that this week our students (in London and Glasgow respectively) will be assessing each other’s work and sending feedback via the web-waves. From an easy 5 minute starter, Slow Writing has blossomed into  full on scheme of work to improve writing towards section B of the English Language exam and English Language controlled assessment. Proof positive of the power of sharing ideas and making them your own and a big advert for being brave enough to allow the kids to criticise what you bring into their classroom.


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