I have neglected my blog. It’s not that there has been nothing good going on in my classroom, it’s just that I wasn’t really sure how useful it was going to be for me (or for anyone else who might stumble across me here) to write about it. Last week however, I seemed to produce something that people found useful.

The 5 minute bulletin!


Having taken up an HOD post this year and buoyed up by @learningspy’s post about department meetings and finding myself crying ‘AMEN’ at various points, I made a decision about the way I was going to run things. Admin out of meetings. Cake in. Teaching and Learning top of the agenda. Start as we mean to go on.

And so, to make sure I no one missed key deadline dates and as a way to start the week positively, I returned to @teachertoolkit’s excellent 5min lesson plan and began to redraft. The 5 min bulletin was born and the first edition sent to my team last Monday. It seemed to go down well and lots of my followers on twitter have been kind enough to say they found it useful and many have asked for a copy. So here it is. Help yourself. 5min Bulletin 4 Twitter

There’s nothing better than going to sleep on a Sunday night thinking you’ve done something useful and knowing it’s probably only going to be a matter of minutes before one of the fabulous Twitterati help me in my quest to be just a bit better at what I do every day (salute to the legend that is Kenny Pieper) one day at a time.

So this isn’t really a proper blog post – just a convenient way of sharing the bulletin template but hopefully it will inspire me to think about squeezing writing time back into the term. Have a great week everyone. May it be full of surprises and sharing.


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